January 2, 2010

Color, Alcohol Hangover Predictor?

Hangover severity can be affected by the color of your alcoholic drinks, acording to a recent study. The report said that the hangover after drinking alcoholic drinks can be controlled by choosing the right color of drinks.

The study was conducted by researchers in the Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies and the researchers in the University of Michigan Medical School.

For the test, a group of healthy young people was taken. They were given a different type of alcoholic drink every afternoon and were not allowed to smoke or take other type of drugs. The result was amazing as the researchers noticed that each color of alcoholic drink created a different hangover severity. Darker alcoholic drinks tended to create a greater hangover severity whereas lighter color ones created a lower level of hangover...

Color, Alcohol Hangover Predictor?

According to a new study, which will soon be posted in the journal "Alcohol: Clinical and Experimental Research," if you are hoping to avoid a nasty hangover this holiday season, then it is best to stay away from darker liquors such as bourbon, red wine, brandy, and spiced rum

Color, Alcohol Hangover Predictor?

Posted at January 2, 2010 3:09 PM