January 13, 2010

Halderman: "Fair Market Value" for Letterman Dirt?

In an attempt to defend his client's blackmail of David Letterman, the lawyer of Robert Halderman claimed there is nothing wrong with trying to get money for evidence of celebrity misdeeds, as they bring a reward of "their fair market value."

Halderman attempted to force Letterman into paying him money, or else Halderman would reveal evidence he had gathered of Letterman's dalliances with staff members at his TV show. Legal experts connected with the case said this defense of the blackmail attempt was unconvincing to say the least. One said "Mr. Shargel should spend his time representing his client based solely on the facts of his case, rather than comparing it to other matters of which he has no personal knowledge.." Boom.

Halderman "Fair Market Value"

David Letterman's accused blackmailer took a wild slice at getting his case dismissed Tuesday by invoking the Tiger Woods scandal. In court papers, Robert Halderman's lawyer argued that if it's not a crime for mistresses to seek payoffs from the golf great, his client shouldn't be punished for trying to make a deal with Letterman. Defense lawyer Gerald Shargel cited reports that women linked to Woods, including Rachel Uchitel, were paid for their silence.

Halderman "Fair Market Value"

Posted at January 13, 2010 6:08 PM