January 11, 2010

Hollywood's Aging Action Stars

Hollywood is not always kind to actors in their old age, but many top action stars form past decades are still trying to get their last few licks in, before the aging process knocks them out of the running for good.

Among the aging action stars still trying to0 make it happen is Sly Stallone, who is about to star in his 5th Rambo movie. His arch rival in the 80s, Arnold, is busy with government misadventures right now, but was preifly seen in the recent Terminator Salvation thanks to special effects.

Steven Seagal continues to churn out straight-to-video classics, as his counterpart Van Damme recently starred in quite a smart little film where he played himself and poked fun at his own career and has been status.

Hollywood's Aging Action Stars

The return of successful and recognisable 80s franchises is, of course, driven by dollar signs. "It is all about digital rights management. "Now you can sell a film to so many different media. There are different layers of TV, different layers of DVD, you can sell it to games companies ... to as yet unimagined platforms."

Hollywood's Aging Action Stars

Posted at January 11, 2010 5:39 AM