January 27, 2010

Katy Perry, Kara: Idol Drama!

Two strong personalities clashed when saucy pop star Katy Perry matched wits with Kara Dioguardi in a battle of the pop divas on American Idol.

Dioguardi enthusiastically affirmed one contestant, and then Katy Perry immediately scoffed at Kara's enthusiasm and gave an emphatic "no" to the same contestant, leading to some tense moments in the judging for these early auditions in Los Angeles. There's been lots of wonderment about how Idol would maintain the same tension and drama with Paula Abdul gone, and Simon Cowell leaving next year, but so far, Katy Perry and Kara have done a good job of keeping things hot!

They were debating a contestant who talked aobut his hard life growing up before singing, which seemed to bring sympathy from the other judges while Katy poo-pooed the sentimentality and insisted talent is what counts. Which is interesting coming from someone who is not exactly Aretha Franklin herself, but scores a lot of extra points with her personality and charisma (although I like Katy, don't get me wrong).

Katy Perry, Kara: Idol Drama!
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Katy Perry appeared as a guest judge on American Idol for the Los Angeles auditions and the singer gave a tough time to the show's regular judge Kara DioGuardi. When Dio Guardi was eager to send a contestant to the next round, Perry didn't agree with her she flatly said "no". But DioGuardi tried to played down their apparent differences "We used to be friends. We were, like, cool," she said during the show...

Katy Perry, Kara: Idol Drama!

Posted at January 27, 2010 5:12 PM