January 20, 2010

La Toya Jackson American Idol?

As Simon Cowell gets set to leave the show he made a smash, American Idol, many people are hoping to be the one to replace him in the judge's chair. And one of the celebrities clamoring the loudest for that chance is Latoya Jackson, of all people.

Latoya Jackson, member of America's royal family of music, is better known for hosting the Psychic Friends Network and getting lots of plastic surgery than she is for her musical skills. And is not realy known for her charisma or personality either. But she still believes she is the best choice, for some reason.

I doubt there is much chance of American Idol tapping Latoya for this, and it'd be a terrible choice if they did. to replace Simon Cowell they need someone with a strong personality who knows how to be just mean enough while also being fair and giving insightful critique based on being able to really analyze music. Maybe Latoya would surprise me, but I doubt it.

La Toya Jackson American Idol?

The question for many people this morning is trying to decide if La Toya & 'American Idol' could be the right combination for ratings success. It appears that Michael Jackson's sister is once more trying to snag some press by letting it be known that she is interested in being a serious contender to replace Idol judge Simon Cowell. If this were to happen the females on the judging panel would be the majority at 3:1 but La Toya should not get her hopes up just yet...

La Toya Jackson American Idol??

Posted at January 20, 2010 3:45 PM