January 27, 2010

Martin Amis Euthanasia

British author Martin Amis is stirring up a lot of scandal in his home country, with his suggestion that elderly people seek out euthanasia en masse, to avoid an overpopulation of old people in his native land.

Amis points to demographic trends that indicate a huge increase in elderly people, in the near future for England. predicting this will wreak havoc for British society, Amis makes the shocking suggestion that "euthanasia booths" should be placed on streetcorners, to give a dignified and early exit to elderly citizens that helps avoid the overpopulation problem, and the untenable expense of providing proper health care and medical coverage for the many older people that would live on otherwise.

Not surprisingly many people were offended by Amis's stance, with one critic saying 'How on earth can people describe themselves as civilised when they're advocating this style of euthanasia for the elderly and disabled? It's completely repugnant.' It seems unlikely, in fact, that anyone will take this idea seriously. The question of how the UK will provide proper care for a higher number of elderly will need to be answered, but hopefully in a more humane way than Martin Amis is calling for.

Martin Amis Euthanasia

Martin Amis has raised a ruckus in his native Britain by suggesting old people should commit suicide to prevent the "silver tsunami" that is coming. Amis, in an interview with the Sunday Times of London, proposed euthanasia booths, where volunteers would be given "a martini and a medal." Otherwise, "There will be a population of demented very old people, like an invasion of terrible immigrants, stinking out restaurants and cafes and shops."

Martin Amis Euthanasia

Posted at January 27, 2010 3:29 AM