January 17, 2010

Michelle and Barack Holding Hands: Scandal?

One of the most touching things about our current First Family is how loving Barack and Michelle's relationship is, and the dates they have gone on together show all of this in full display, as they lovingly hold hands and exude all the romance of a couple in love.

Sadly though some of Barack Obama's more petty political opponents seized upon their date as a weapon to use against the President, claiming it was an irresponsible diversion that used too much of the taxpayers' money on their trip to NY, even though every president travels constantly and takes lots of vacation time. Thankfully though, this attempted controversy never really took off, and the Michelle and Barack date night will be fondly remembered for their tender holding of hands, not for whatever sinister meaning some Republicans tried to attach on to it. There are plenty of substantive ways to disagree with a President, without trying to use it against him that he actually loves his wife.

Michelle and Barack Holding Hands: Date Night!

President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama landed in New York Saturday afternoon, and after taking a helicopter from JFK into Manhattan, drove up the West Side Highway, where the northbound lanes were shut down by police for their visit, past Ground Zero, into Greenwich Village for dinner at the Village's Blue Hill restaurant. From there, they went north to Times Square, where they went to to see a production of "Joe Turner's Come and Gone" at the Belasco Theater on West 44 Street...

Michelle and Barack Holding Hands: Date Night!

Posted at January 17, 2010 6:05 PM