January 11, 2010

World's Tallest Building and Skydivers (VIDEO)

Just days after Dubai debuted its new world's tallest building, a veteran skydiver inaugurated it by jumping off the top for a world-record breaking basejump.

The skydiver, who is also from the United Arab Emirates himself jumped from the 160th floor! He fell well over 2,000 feet, reaching speeds of almost 140mph before finally opening his parachute. THe fall took about 90 seconds all in all, a minute and a half he is sure to remember for the rest of his life. He said he has done many base jumps before, but none was ever like this! For videos and photo of this skydive from the world's tallest building see below.

He was met down on the ground my his young children, some of whom he said are learning the family hobby themselves: "'They all want to do what I am doing and the youngest is even getting trained to jump with parachutes. I received skydiving training in Italy, Spain, France and Germany. It is an adventurous sport, but to me it is a hobby."

World's Tallest Building and Skydivers (VIDEO)

An expert sky diver from the United Arab Emirates has set a new world record for base jumping from the top of the Burj Khalifa. Nasr Al Niyadi and his trainer Omar Al Hegelan made a perfect landing after jumping 2,205ft from the 160th floor of the world's tallest building in Dubai on Tuesday. The pair, from the Emirates Aviation Society, made the descent at speeds up to 137mph in under one and a half minutes.

World's Tallest Building and Skydivers (VIDEO)

Posted at January 11, 2010 7:10 AM