February 17, 2010

Amy Bishop Shooting: Three Dead. Three Wounded (UPDATE)

Amy Bishop was a longtime and well respected professor at the University of Alabama for years and she seemed the least likely person to go on a killing spree, but that is exactly what happened when she arrived at the school she worked at so long and began killing her co-workers.

By the end of her burst of shocking violence, 3 of her fellow staff members were dead and another three wounded. It is speculated that she was set off by failing to get tenure at the school, and also noted that she apparently had a history of possible violent incidents in the past. her history of mental illness and probable need for medication to be prescribed, and therapy provided form a clinical therapist or psychiatrist, went unnoticed apparently for many years.

The attack was stopped partly by the actions of another professer Debra Moriarity who grabbed her leg and got Bishop to leave the room. According to Debra, "...she sidestepped me. I mean, she pulled her leg free and I was in the doorway then with my back kind of to her. And I think she tried to shoot at me then, but that's when I started yelling at her, 'Amy, Amy, think about my grandson, think about my daughter! This is me! I've helped you before; I'll help you again! Don't do this Amy! Don't do this!'"

After this Bishop's gun jammed and Debra was able to return to the room and lock Bishop out, and the survivors tended to the three dead and three wounded.

Amy Bishop Shooting: Three Dead. Three Wounded
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A disturbed professor accused of gunning down three colleagues at the University of Alabama was reportedly a prime suspect in a 1993 letter bomb mailed to a Harvard Medical School professor. Suspected shooter Amy Bishop, 45, and her husband were questioned and had their home searched by cops investigating the pipe bomb mailed to Dr. Paul Rosenberg, the Boston Globe reported Sunday. Sources told the newspaper that Bishop, a former doctoral student at Harvard, was suspected because she feared getting a bad evaluation from Rosenberg...

Amy Bishop Shooting: Three Dead. Three Wounded

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