February 4, 2010

Baptists Offered Kids Pool, Tennis Courts in America

A case in Haiti involving an American church group that is accused of a "child trafficking scheme" may actually involve their Haitian parents willingly giving up their kids because they feel too poor to take care of them, according to news reports.

An article on CBSnews.com quoted numerous parents in Haiti, including Geddoid Jesneo who says of her daughter "We have ho house, no schools, we have nothing. So I sent her away to get a better education." But Haitian authorities put a stop to these adoptions saying they were not proper, and initially considering them kidnapping. A complex situation in the middle of a crisis where these things can be very difficult to sort out. It seems as though the missionaries had good intentions in trying to bring these children out for adoption, but the endeavor may have been misguided. The Haitian Prime Minister was at first strongly denouncing the attempted adoption process, but now has softened his tone a bit, no longer calling the Americans kidnappers for the errant adoption attempts. For more detail see the story below:

Baptists Offered Kids Pool, Tennis Courts

CBS News went to the hard-hit village in the hills above Port-au-Prince where the children were taken and found parents and siblings of 20 of the children, almost the entire village. The parents said they willingly signed their children over to the Americans. "We have ho house, no schools, we have nothing," mother Geffoid Jesneo said in Creole. "So I sent her away to get a better education." She said her daughter will be better off away from the village. But try telling that to her 10-year-old daughter at the orphanag

Posted at February 4, 2010 5:00 AM