February 10, 2010

Dwight Howard Sued: Royce Reed Paternity Suit

Royce Reed, a former dancer for the Orlando Magic & Miami Heat, is the former partner of NBA all-star Dwight Howard, and the mother of Dwight's son Braylon Joshua Robert Howard.

Royce Reed and Dwight Howard have recently been in the acrimonious aftermath of a recent breakup, with lawyers and lawsuits flying in both directions including Royce Reed's paternity suit filed against Howard. Their son was born in 2007 but Dwight Howard did not acknowledge that he was the father until 2008. Reed is also supposed to appear on the VH1 reality show named Basketball Wives, that premieres on March 15, 2010, but according to a judge's order she is not supposed to mention or discuss Dwight Howard or their relationship, so perhaps she will be on hand as a camera person or key grip or something. Otherwise what will she do on the show?

Reed was in the news most recently after footage appeared online of her dancing in a "booty shake" contest, displaying some very lewd dance maneuvers. It caused some controversy among viewers who questioned whether the dirty dancing, at a Super Bowl party hosted by Terrell Owens and Ludacris, was appropriate for the mother of a young kid. We'll see if she gets into some similar fun at all-star weekend. Personally I say nothing wrong with a little sexy dancing, it's not like she brought her son with her to the party. Adults parents are allowed to have an adult life! Hopefully they can come to a settlement of their paternity suit for the sake of the kid.

Dwight Howard Sued: Royce Reed Paternity Suit
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Royce Reed is the mother of Dwight Howard's two-year-old son, but the two do not have the best relationship. A 2009 injunction barred Royce from using Howard's name in public after she allegedly called him out on Twitter and on television. In December, the NBA star sued his former lover for defamation. None of the legal issues are preventing Reed from having a good time during Super Bowl week, however.

Dwight Howard Sued: Royce Reed Paternity Suit

Posted at February 10, 2010 6:06 AM