February 6, 2010

Gay Dating Super Bowl Ad Banned! (NEWS)

As seen in the video below, an ad for a gay dating site has been prohibited from appearing on television during the Super Bowl this year.

The ad, for a new Gay Dating site named mancrunch.com, shows a rather comedic display of two male football fans watching the Super Bowl and celebrating a big score by making out with each other, as another friend watches in bewilderment. Some have said that since the Super Bowl has agreed to air a controversial anti-abortion ad from football player Tim Tebow, But others say the makers of the Mancrunch ad knew they would not make it past the censors, and submitted it to get publicity for their dating site by being rejected from the airwaves. Says one ad exec, "Once in a while, you see companies who wanna get more bang for their investment in the Super Bowl by putting on ads they know are not gonna be accepted by the standards and practices of the network..."

The ad does look a little tacky, but with all the other cheesy stuff that goes on during the Super Bowl broadcast, especially the many products that use sex to sell themselves, I think it'd be only fair to let this gay dating site have their fun too. After all when the Super Bowl is on we're really watching three hours of guys piling on top of each other, are we not?

Gay Dating Super Bowl Ad Banned! (NEWS)
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This year, CBS is airing an anti-abortion commercial featuring college football star Tim Tebow, with his mother. The ad is sponsored by the conservative group Focus on the Family. Within a few weeks of that ad's approval, CBS turned down a commercial for the Super Bowl produced by a new gay dating site called ManCrunch.com. The Tebow and ManCrunch ads raise questions about not just what networks want in Super Bowl advertisements, but also what potential advertisers really want from the Super Bowl.

Gay Dating Super Bowl Ad Banned! (NEWS)

Posted at February 6, 2010 3:45 AM