February 17, 2010

"I believe that she acted very quickly to try and stop Dr. Bishop from shooting again" - President

Debra Moriarity says she's not a hero, but her colleagues at the University of Alabama disagree.

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting at the school, where professor Amy Bishop opened fire on her fellow staff killing three, others say the attack was stopped partly by the actions of another professor Debra Moriarity who grabbed her leg and got Bishop to leave the room. According to Debra, "...she sidestepped me. I mean, she pulled her leg free and I was in the doorway then with my back kind of to her. And I think she tried to shoot at me then, but that's when I started yelling at her, 'Amy, Amy, think about my grandson, think about my daughter! This is me! I've helped you before; I'll help you again! Don't do this Amy! Don't do this!'"

After this Bishop's gun jammed and Debra was able to return to the room and lock Bishop out, and the survivors tended to the three dead and three wounded. Debra says she should only be considered lucky, but University president David Williams praised her: "I believe that she acted very quickly to try and stop Dr. Bishop from shooting again"

Amy Bishop Shooting: Three Dead. Three Wounded, friend called hero

Moriarity returned to her office on Wednesday and said she plans to resume teaching next week. She predicted that, with the help of anti-anxiety medication, she would be able to sleep Wednesday night. "I've been talking to family and friends and just getting their support helps you deal with it," she said. "I think right now most of us want to get back there and get things going, make plans for who is going to cover classes." A memorial service to honor the lives of the dead -- faculty members Maria Davis, Adriel Johnson and Gopi Podila -- is to be held Friday.

Amy Bishop Shooting: Three Dead. Three Wounded

Posted at February 17, 2010 6:47 PM