February 27, 2010

Kelly Ripa Tattoo (NEWS, PHOTOS)

Kelly Ripa is not exactly known as a bad girl, but she showed a bit of her wild side this week as she came on Regis And Kelly to debut a new tattoo!

She arrived on the morning talk show that she co-hosts to show the audience, and her co-host, a new tattoo on her wrist.

The tattoo reads "consuelos" in black script, in honor of her husband of 13 years Mark Consuelos.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos met in the 80s in the All My Children Daytime Drama (aka Soap Opera) and fell in love soon after they were made into a couple on the show. Kelly went to one of the top local tattoo artists to get it done, and deserves to be proud of how it came out!

Kelly Ripa Tattoo (NEWS)

Kelly Ripa got a new tattoo and she showed it off on "Regis and Kelly" Wednesday morning. Ripa, who already has a flower tattoo on her inner ankle, got "Consuelos" on her wrist, as in husband-of-13-years Mark Consuelos. Ripa said of the script, "It's a little inky but it will heal." She said she got inked at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn...

Kelly Ripa Tattoo (NEWS)

Posted at February 27, 2010 2:55 AM