February 11, 2010

Nancy Kissel Bludgeoned Her Husband to Death With Statue

Nancy Kissel was married to a Merrill Lynch investment banker, but in 2003 was accused of killing her husband in cold blood by hitting him with a statue, after he was found bludgeoned to death.

Prosecutors in the murder case alleged that Kissel and her husband were having marital trouble for some time in their home in Hong Kong, and the husband had even put her under surveillance because of his suspicions about her. And prosecutors said she made a premeditated plan to kill him, because of their marital strife, and also because she was set up to be the beneficiary in his will. The husband had been speaking with divorce lawyers and his attorneys about seeking a divorce, according to reports. Kissel also went on to be known as "the milkshake murderer", and the drama continues to be in the news to this day, as her intricate legal drama plays out, now about to begin a new with a new trial.

Nancy Kissel Bludgeoned Her Husband to Death With a Statue

A Merrill Lynch investment banker was slain by his unfaithful wife in an act of cold-blooded premeditation, a prosecutor told the High Court Tuesday as opening arguments began in the murder trial of Nancy Kissel. Acting for personal gain, she drugged Robert Kissel's milkshake with sedatives, dealt a series of fatal blows to the right side of his head with a heavy metal ornament, and then attempted a cover-up in the days following his death on November 2, 2003, the High Court heard...

Nancy Kissel Bludgeoned Her Husband to Death With a Statue

Posted at February 11, 2010 6:10 PM