February 5, 2010

The Colts Have Played in Three Super Bowls

The Indianapolis Colts have played in three Super Bowls, and a poll of famous football fans is showing them as the strong favorite to take home the trophy and win out over the underdog New Orleans Saints. Here are some of the many celebrity predictions gathered in the link below.

  • MAYA ANGELOU - Indianapolis, 28-16. Sadly, I must inform the New Orleans Saints that I will not be in their number. I plan to be with the other team when the Colts go marching in.

  • SHAQUILLE O'NEAL - New Orleans, 34-23. This is going to be very special for the great people of New Orleans and Louisiana. The Saints have the talent and the resilience to win. Who Dat?

  • JENNIE FINCH - New Orleans, 31-28. I'm going with the underdog. Who Dat? Da Saints! I'm a big Peyton fan, but it would be so incredibly special to the city of New Orleans to bring back the championship after all they have been through. Plus, Casey (my husband) is a Louisiana boy. I gotta pull for the Saints!

    The Colts Have Played in Three Super Bowls

    For the 21st straight year, our friends at Scripps Howard News Service have spanned the globe to get the Super Bowl picks from some of today's hottest stars. And yesterday's. And a few from a couple of days ago. The winner gets the Scripps Howard Super Sage Award trophy. Out of the more than 100 famous folks who made predictions, 62 believe that the Indianapolis Colts,, in their third Super Bowl, will win Super Bowl XLIV, and 41 picked the New Orleans Saints...

    The Colts Have Played in Three Super Bowls

    Posted at February 5, 2010 11:07 AM