February 2, 2010

U.S. Census Valentine's Day 2010

You all know Valentine's Day is coming up on the 14th, but did you know these fun facts from the U.S. Census about Valentine's Day for 2010? Here are some of the choice tidbits revealed by the Census Bureau:

  • 1,233 - Number of locations producing chocolate and cocoa products in 2007. These establishments employed 38,794 people. California led the nation in the number of such establishments with 143, followed by Pennsylvania with 115.

  • 466 - Number of locations that produced nonchocolate confectionary products in 2007. These establishments employed 18,250 people.

    $403 million - The combined wholesale value of domestically produced cut flowers in 2008 for all flower-producing operations with $100,000 or more in sales. Among states, California was the leading producer, alone accounting for about three-quarters of this amount ($314 million).

    For many more Valentine's Day goodies to impress your date..or your twitter friends at least, if you don't have a date, see the full list from the U.S. Census below:

    U.S. Census Valentine's Day 2010

    Opinions abound as to who was the original Valentine, with the most popular theory that he was a clergyman who was executed for secretly marrying couples in ancient Rome in spite of Emperor Claudius II, who felt that marriage weakened his soldiers. In any event, in A.D. 496, Pope Gelasius I declared Feb. 14 as Valentine Day. Through the centuries, the Christian holiday became a time to exchange love messages, and St. Valentine became the patron saint of lovers. Esther Howland, a native of Massachusetts, is given credit for selling the first mass-produced valentine cards in the 1840s...

    U.S. Census Valentine's Day 2010

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