March 18, 2010

Emma Watson 'Nervous' About Kissing

Emma Watson is one of the most famous young actresses in the movie business.

But according to interviews she was quite nervous this month, about appearing in a free play at her school, Brown University.

Watson is the star of the Harry Potter movies, seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world, but performing for a small audience of her fellow college students felt like a special responsibility to her.

Luckily she was a big hit, and got a huge ovation from the audience. Perhaps she has a future on in Broadway shows, i'm sure she'd sell lots of theater tickets if she were on the big stage.

Emma Watson 'Nervous' About Kissing

Harry Potter star Emma Watson was 'nervous' about performing in a free play for students at her university. The 19-year-old actress may have been paid a massive £20million for the last two Potter movies but got the jitters before performing in the play Three Sisters for students at Brown University However, Watson's fellow students were so impressed with her performance, they gave her a standing ovation...

Emma Watson 'Nervous' About Kissing

Posted at March 18, 2010 3:45 AM