March 6, 2010

Jackson Estate Burglary Call (NEWS)

Officers swooped in on the Jackson family estate, after reports came in of a burglary.

The call came that a burglary was taking place at the home of the Jackson clan, but no details are yet available on whether the Jackson folks were home at the time.

There are also no reports on whether anything was damaged or missing.

THis comes soon after authorities came to the Jackson home to investigate reports of taser being used by one family member, the son of Jermaine, possibly brandishing it in the presense of Blanket, Michael;s son.

Jackson Estate Burglary Call (NEWS)

Armed cops swooped on the JACKSON family estate in Encino, California estate on Friday (05Mar10), after responding to a burglary-in-progress call. Los Angeles Police Department officers with shotguns swarmed the family home of Katherine Jackson following a 911 call. The five cops searched the home for a suspected burglar while a police helicopter circled overhead. However, the call was a false alarm, reports It is not known if any of the musical clan were at home during the raid...

Jackson Estate Burglary Call (NEWS)

Posted at March 6, 2010 1:08 PM