March 29, 2010

Kate Gosselin, Sarah Palin: TLC All-Stars!

Sarah Palin is now officially a reality TV star-to-be, as her contract with TLC is officially signed, and she will be doing her own show on the same network that made Kate Gosselin famous.

Palin, the former governor and Vice Presidential candidate, will be starring in a new show produced by Mark Burnett, creator of the smash hit Survivor. The show will feature Palin and her family in Alaska, and will showcase the natural splendor of Alaska and the environment there, as well as her charm of Palin herself.

But other than that details are sparse about what will happen in the Sarah Palin reality series, and nobody kpnows whether there will be political content involved, or any influence from the Tea Party movement that has be come Palin's biggest constituency.

Either way, love her or hate you know you are going to tune in!

Kate Gosselin, Sarah Palin: TLC All-Stars!

Maybe there will be a crossover episode with Kate Gosselin. Discovery Communications' TLC cable network -- home to Kate Gosselin and her brood as well as "Cake Boss" -- has just added former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to its roster. TLC is the new home for a reality show featuring Palin and her family. Details about the show, which will be produced by Mark Burnett, whose credits include the CBS hit "Survivor," are sketchy...

Kate Gosselin, Sarah Palin: TLC All-Stars!

Posted at March 29, 2010 3:01 AM