March 26, 2010

Merton Chatroulette Piano Improv (VIDEO)

A guy named Merton is winning lots of fans with this viral video of him performing on Chatroulette.

Sure lots of guys, umm, "perform" on chatroulette, and put their, um, hands on things, but Merton only puts his hands on a piano and does live improvised songs for everyone that comes up.

Merton, who resembles Ben Folds, even got a tribute from the real Ben Folds for his comedy musical stylings.

Chatroulette is a chat system that sets up random video chats, that most people scroll through very quickly from one person to the next.

This sets up a dynamic where people are drawn towards looking for ways to make an immediate impression, in the split second most people spend before hitting the next button.

For many users this means doing things that most of us umm never want to see.

But as the site gets more popular there seem to be more "regular" people as well, and even more people like Merton who actually provides cool entertainment!

Merton Chatroulette Piano Improv

Merton Chatroulette Piano Improv

Posted at March 26, 2010 10:39 AM