April 2, 2010

Brigitte Daguerre & Jesse James (PHOTOS)

Another woman has stepped forward to tell her story of cheating with Jesse James. This time it's one named Brigitte Daguerre, and she dishing lots of dirt.

According to Brigitte, the no-good cheating husband of Sandra Bullock hooked up with her 4 times before she broke it off, apparently because he was no good in bed. She also says she has almost 200 text messages from him.

Bullock was heartbroken by these revelations right after her emotional win of an Oscar, and now has moved out of their home and is living with other family while reportedly planning to file for divorce. There has been much speculation about their prenup as well which it is confirmed they did sign in 2005.

The scandal continues to grow around Jesse James and the women he allegedly cheated with. His marriage to Sandra Bullock is on the rocks after the first revelation, Bombshell McGee, who revealed she had an 11-month affair with him, and now it appears at least 3 other women have been seeing him. For photos of Brigitte Daguerre see below:

Brigitte Daguerre & Jesse James (PHOTOS)

Brigitte Daguerre -- a Los Angeles photographer -- claims Jesse hired her in 2008 to do styling work for a West Coast Chopper photo shoot. She says the two emailed and texted each other for a year, but claims they only had sex 4 times before she cut it off. Daguerre has 195 text messages between her and Jesse (the cell phone numbers sync up) ... many of them extremely graphic -- Among the milder ...Jesse says, "I'll be your monkey."

Brigitte Daguerre & Jesse James (PHOTOS)

Posted at April 2, 2010 9:13 AM