April 27, 2010

Diane Amos balancing act

Diane Amos is best known as TV's Pine Sol lady, though you may not know her by name. She has been appearing in their commercials for many years now. But she has also had a long career in show business outside of those ads, including being a standup comic and even doing a balancing act.

Well nota literal balancing act, but a stage show named "Balancing Act" that she performs for packed audiences in San Francisco.

Amos says of her peculiar fame, "When kids see people who look like their relatives in the media, it's a huge boost for them. I visit schools and encourage children to follow their dreams. I tell them, 'Don't ever let your color or size or economic status alter what you think about yourself.' Being a successful actress speaks to the power of being who I am in this world and being totally cool with that."

diane amos balancing act

For the past 13 years, Diane has been married to James Medellin, a musician, writer and voiceover professional. They met in a San Francisco bar, where he was playing music, and haven't been apart since their first date. "James is very romantic. He wrote my one-woman show 'Balancing Act,' which sold out every night for six weeks in San Francisco. He really had to give of himself, his time and his energy. It was incredibly romantic and made us closer. James is a great dad."

diane amos balancing act

Posted at April 27, 2010 3:14 AM