April 3, 2010

Door to Afterlife Found

If you're looking for the door to the afterlife, scientists have discovered all you have to do is go to Egypt to find it.

A 3,500 year old door the the afterlife, a traditional part of an Egyptian tomb, was discovered in Luxor near the Karnak Temple, no relation to the Johnny Carson character. The door was part of the tomb of User, who was the chief minister of Queen Hatshepsut, a powerful, long ruling 15th century B.C. queen of the New Kingdom with a famous mortuary temple near Luxor in southern Egypt.

Door to Afterlife Found sfgate

Archaeologists have unearthed a 3,500-year-old door to the afterlife from the tomb of a high-ranking Egyptian official near Karnak temple in Luxor, the Egyptian antiquities authority said Monday. These recessed niches found in nearly all ancient Egyptian tombs were meant to take the spirits of the dead to and from the afterworld. The nearly six-foot- tall (1.75 meters) slab of pink granite was covered with religious texts...

Door to Afterlife Found

Posted at April 3, 2010 3:04 AM