April 3, 2010

Gerard Butler Butt Grab Photo

Hunky Gerard Butler has some 'splainin to do after a photo has made the media rounds that seems to capture a butt grab he performed on Jennifer Aniston.

Gerard Butler and Aniston co-starred in a movie just recently, and are rumored to be seeing each other offscreen since they shared that time together on set. Aniston's career has been defined as much by her offscreen relationships as her on screen performances, which she'd probably prefer were not the case.

Gerard laughed when asked about the photo, and said "I'm a bit of a bad boy, by the way, I'm still not sure my hand was really on her butt. I think that's just the way the camera was angled, I actually haven't seen [the photo]." click below to see the actual photo.

Gerard Butler Butt Grab Photo yahoo

Gerard Butler recently got very touchy-feely with his The Bounty Hunter costar Jen Aniston -- and there's photographic proof. In a buzzed-about rearview photo from March 27, Butler tightly grabbed Aniston's bottom while greeting fans on the River Seine in Paris. During a Friday appearance on syndicated radio show "Johnjay and Rich," Butler, 40, joked about the bootylicious snapshot.

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Gerard Butler Butt Grab Photo

Posted at April 3, 2010 7:36 PM