April 29, 2010

iPad = Insomnia? (NEWS)

Does the iPad cause insomnia? that's what some researchers are saying.

according to the recent studies, the iPad can disrupt the melatonin needed to ensure good sleep, because of the light it generates, as opposed to the Kindle or the Nook which are not backlit.

According to a neurologist studying the possible effects of using an iPad before sleep
"If you're using a Kindle -- which doesn't use a significant light source -- that may potentially have less of an impact compared to a device like a laptop or an iPad with more significant light exposure."

The effect iPads have, according to the research, could also be caused by using a laptop, or other forms of light including television or a lamp. Which means your only option for good sleep is sitting there in the dark sitting about your life, which means you will never fall asleep, will you! We're all in trouble.

iPad = Insomnia? (NEWS)

The bright light emitted by an iPad could give some people reading before bedtime a bout of insomnia, researchers suggest. This is because the iPad uses a back-lit display rather than the "e-paper" found in other popular e-readers such as the Kindle that mimic the printed, duller page by reflecting light from elsewhere. Sleep researchers have long known that light inhibits the release of melatonin, a hormone that settles the body into sleep mode toward evening time. "Melatonin is pro-sleep," said Frisca Yan-Go, director of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center.

iPad = Insomnia? (NEWS)

Posted at April 29, 2010 5:10 AM