April 4, 2010

Jesse James leaves Rehab

After only a short time in the Arizona rehab clinic that was supposed to help him with his cheating ways, Jesse James is reportedly checking out now, long before the 45 days he's supposed to spend for proper treatment.

James checked into the treatment center only a short time ago, after revelations of his infidelity in the marriage to Sandra Bullock tore their lives apart and forced to consider serious measures to get himself together, or at least to get his PR situation together.

But now that he is leaving before his treatment is completed, many are saying the whole rehab thing weas just a blatant attempt to cover his tracks and win sympathy for actions he doesn't truly regret.

According to Jesse James' lawyer, "This whole thing has destroyed Jesse's entire universe, Right now, he's a broken man. The allegations back and forth about what happened -- those are private matters to be resolved between a husband and a wife. It's not appropriate for a public airing."

Too late for that, buddy.

Jesse James leaves Rehab

So much for 45 days! According to reports, Jesse James has quietly checked out of Arizona's Sierra Tucson Treatment Center within the last couple of days. According to Star magazine, he checked out as soon as he found out about the moving van that showed up to the home he once shared with Sandra Bullock. "All of Jesse's pals have been talking about it," a source said. "It seems Jesse just isn't that serious about rehab after all..."

Jesse James leaves Rehab

Posted at April 4, 2010 2:55 PM