April 10, 2010

Most Hated Man in America: James (VIDEO)

Poor old Jesse James, why doesn't anyone like him anymore? I don't think most Americans would have trouble answering that, as James is now the single most hated man in America according to a new poll.

Jesse James has gone from being the husband of America's sweetheart to being the most hated man in America, according to an Entertainment Weekly public opinion poll.

After it was revealed that Jesse James had been cheating on his wife Sandra Bullock, who is now having her lawyers set up a final divorce, James became the most reviled celebrity in the country because of his philandering lying and cruelty to Bullock.

James was found to be cheating with a stripper and tattoo model who is named Michelle Bombshell McGee, and then various other women have come forward with similar tales, each with a similarly sketchy background. Jesse James at first checked into a rehab facility afterwards, but recently left the rehab before it was done.

According to latest reports, Bullock's prenup with James stops him from reaping any benefits financially out of the marriage, so he is gonna be a big loser in more ways than one after this is through, it would appear.

Most Hated Man in America: James dailynews

Jesse James is a dead man - at least as far as his TV career goes. Even before Sandra Bullock's straying husband's purported affairs became public, Spike TV decided not to renew his show, "Jesse James Is a Dead Man," a spokesperson for the network confirmed to the News James had been fired on "Celebrity Apprentice," and his Discovery Channel motorcycle show, "Monster Garage," rode off into the sunset almost four years ago. And now, say experts, the soon-to-be 41-year-old James is radioactive - stained by his alleged dalliances with tattooed fetish model Michelle McGee and at least two others...

Most Hated Man in America: James

Posted at April 10, 2010 2:35 PM