April 3, 2010

UFC fighter arrested, Jon Koppenhaver

A former top MMA fighter known as the War Machine is in big legal trouble this week, after being arrested for assault. The UFC fighter who was once a top contender has had legal problems before, but faces his biggest tangle yet as he faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

Technically Jon Koppenhaver only fought two fights for the UFC and most of his fights werein other leagues, so some say the UFC is abusing his name for publicity by talking to news outlets like TMZ (did i just call tmz a news outlet?) about War Machine as a UFC name. For more detail see below.

UFC fighter arrested Jon Koppenhaver ecanada

It was clear last week that the UFC was being slightly cooperative with TMZ. Thiago Alves and his management team made sure to call the popular news/gossip site with daily updates about his CAT Scan issues. Even UFC president Dana White was "caught" on the street for a quickie interview. So that means TMZ won't cover the negative stories around the UFC, right? Fat chance. Want proof? When a fighter who last fought for the UFC in May of 2008 gets arrested, he'll still be labeled a UFC fighter.

UFC fighter arrested Jon Koppenhaver

Posted at April 3, 2010 3:30 AM