May 30, 2010

Gary Coleman Parents

After the tragic death of Gary Coleman, his parents are now demanding answers, asking what his health conditions were exactly and why their son died so young.

Coleman died at age 42, after some sort of accident in his home that led to him being hospitalized from a brain hemorrhage, which eventually felled him. But details have not been forthcoming beyond that. So the parents are asking questions about his hostpial care and the circumstances around his health problems.

Said the family: "We're not angry," she said. "We're just concerned. Did our son fall down the stairs? Did he fall in the bathtub?" According to police there is no suspicion of foul play, though exact cause of death is not yet determined. Thus far there is no sign of any ground for a lawsuit or any other negligence or malicious intent.

Gary Coleman Parents

Gary Coleman's estranged parents learned of the former child star's death in the media and now they want answers on how he died. "We're not pointing fingers at anyone, but we need to know exactly what happened," Sue Coleman, 67, told People magazine. For a decade, she and her husband, Willie Coleman, 71, followed their 42-year-old son's life in the media: his marriage, his hospitalization and even his death on Friday. Hospital spokeswoman Janet Frank said there was an "accident" in the actor's Utah home that caused an intracranial hemorrhage. She cited the wishes of Coleman's wife, Shannon Price, 24, and declined to give details.

Gary Coleman Parents

Posted at May 30, 2010 2:34 PM