May 24, 2010

Jesse James Home for Sale

As Jesse James continues to deal with the consequences of his cheating ways, he is now reportedly putting up his home for sale and moving on. How much will the Jesse James den of iniquity sell for?

There is no word yet on the selling price from the real estate brokers but PEOPLE magazine confirmed the sale is forthcoming. It's a two story beachfront house and was the home he shared with Sandra Bulock, up until he destroyed their marriage with his infidelity.

According to a friend quoted in the article, "His mind-set is the same as [just after the split], and Jesse feels that as time goes by, his and Sandra's relationship has still not reached the final chapter. He is not giving up hope that Sandra will come back to her family."

Umm, Sandra is with her family, buddy. And that doesn't include you.

Jesse James Home for Sale

It's been two months since Sandra Bullock moved out of the Orange County home she shared with Jesse James. Now, James is looking to follow suit, PEOPLE has learned. "Jesse has put his house up for sale," says a source. The two-story California beachfront property was the couple's home during their nearly five-year marriage. Since Bullock left amid James's infidelity scandal, it has been a place of respite for the motorcycle king and his kids Sunny, 6, Jesse Jr., 12, and Chandler, 15.

Jesse James Home for Sale

Posted at May 24, 2010 2:24 AM