May 3, 2010

OJ Simpson Suit: Museum Bound?

OJ SImpson is finally behind bars, but even now he continues to make news, as the suit he wore on the day he was acquitted just got put in a museum.

The Washington DC Newseum welcomed his suit to their collection of newsworthy memorabilia, an Armani suit that had been held in storage by OJ's onetime manager.

The museum finally claimed OJ's suit after a years long legal battle with Fred Goldman, who tried to claim the suit as he does any items associated with OJ, who owes Goldman millions in the results of their civil trial.

OJ Simpson Suit: Museum Bound?

The suit O.J. Simpson wore on the day he was acquitted of murder has been delivered to the Newseum in Washington, D.C., where it will be part of a display focusing on the trial that was viewed by millions. Susan Bennett, vice president and deputy director of the museum of news, said the Armani was transported Thursday by Simpson's former manager, Mike Gilbert, who had it in storage for nearly 15 years. Gilbert flew to Washington from California carrying the tan suit, white shirt and gold tie in a garment bag.

OJ Simpson Suit: Museum Bound?

Posted at May 3, 2010 2:07 AM