July 13, 2010

Dog Honks for Help

A local dog has become a local hero this week, as he saved himself from being trapped in a car by honking the horn for help!

Said his owner in Allentown, "I came in and started cleaning and about an hour later I heard a horn blow. So, I came back in the house and I started cleaning again and the horn blew again. I rushed over and got him out real fast and he was panting like crazy. I brought him in the house and he just dropped to the floor"

The pet owners had forgotten the dog was in the car as they went shopping, but by all accounts they are good and loving pet owners, and did a great job of making sure the doggie was ok after they found him in the car.

Dog Honks for Help

A local Labrador helped himself get out of a scorching situation by taking matters into his own paws, Allentown TV station WFMZ reported. Donna Gardner said 11-year-old Max is not just a dog. He's like another member of the family. "You have to know Max," Gardner said. "He's a very smart dog and he just does things that I don't think a normal dog does all the time." The chocolate lab proved that a couple weeks ago. Gardner said she took Max with her when she ran an errand, but forgot the dog was still in the car when she returned

Dog Honks for Help

Posted at July 13, 2010 2:18 PM