July 29, 2010

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alex Beh: Love Match?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is in the news again, for the latest details in her always mysterious love life!

The scoop this week is that she may have a new man in her life, and quite a young man at that. According to sources at Us Weekly she is head over heels for the young actor/director Alex Beh. It's a fairly new relationship but they're said to be wuite into each other and making a very cute couple.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is best known nowadays for The Ghost Whisperer, and has many other movies to her credit. She also made the news for controversy about her weight, as she proudly rebelled against people's judgment of her body type, and struck a blow for real women across America against Hollywood'ss silly beauty standards, that are just set up to keep you buying cosmetics and beauty products, plus diet and fitness plans.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alex Beh ew

Jennifer Love Hewitt has reportedly found herself a new man. Sources tell Us Weekly she is dating actor/director Alex Beh, 27 "She's so into him," a source said. "It's relatively new. But they're really cute together. They were holding hands the whole night!" Alex's tagline on his MySpace page is "never settle" and his relationship status is single. He lists dozens of favorite movies, including 'Lost in Translation,' 'Manhattan,' 'Amelie' and 'Little Miss Sunshine.' 'Can't Hardly Wait' didn't make the cut.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alex Beh

Posted at July 29, 2010 3:08 PM