July 4, 2010

Lindsay Lohan New Girlfriend

Lindsay Lohan, who always stays in the news for her latest gossip fodder, is making noise again with reports that she has a brand new girlfriend!

Lohan is a once a-list actress who in recent years is better known for her tempestuous personal life full of drug problems and relationship drama. She first became known publicly as a lesbian after her relationship with socialite DJ Samantha Ronson, but now she has a new girlfriend, named Eilat Anschel.

Eilat Anschel was a member of the Israeli defense force, has been seen out with Lohan numerous times recently, as Lohan deals with the ongoing stress of her SCRAM bracelet that monitors whether she is drinking alcohol. Lohan was ordered by the courts to wear the bracelet, and has been accused of breaknig her agreement by drinking and trying to manipulate the bracelet to get away with it.

Lindsay Lohan New Girlfriend

It looks like Lindsay Lohan has a new girlfriend, and you'd better not mess with the troubled actress now, because her girl will totally whomp you! Eilat Anschel, a former member of the Israeli Defense Force, met Lindsay a while back in L.A., and has been spotted with the train wreck a bunch lately. Lindsay and Eilat, who completed her mandatory stint in the Israeli army, have been "getting pretty serious" over the last month, according to reports. One source says the head case began using Eilat Anschel as a "shoulder to cry on" during the probation / bail / ankle monitor drama, then things evolved.

Lindsay Lohan New Girlfriend

Posted at July 4, 2010 2:57 PM