July 4, 2010

Ted Nugent: Obama "Clueless!"

Ted Nugent, who is clearly qualified to judge such things, has decreed that President Barack Obama is a "clueless rookie president", and explained why he thinks the current Chief Executive is doing a terrible job.

Rock legend Ted Nugent is well known as an outspoken conservative and especially a defender of the rights of gun owners. In an op-ed for the conservative Washington Times, Nugent spoke mostly about his distate for the current Supreme Court, but also weighed in on the President and other issues. Nugent feels it should always be easy to buy guns and other self defense weapons, under the second amendment.

Said Nugent, in one remarkably long sentence: "With the Mao Zedong fan club in the White House, a clueless, rookie president hellbent on spending like a maniac as unprecedented debt piles up all around him, and every other imaginable indicator of an America turned upside-down, it comes as no surprise that this insane level of madness has metastasized into a Supreme Court where the Bill of Rights is being trashed by clueless, dangerously insulated old people intentionally disconnected from the real world, where the possession of a firearm often means the difference between life and death for good, innocent Americans every day of the year.

Ted Nugent: Obama "Clueless!"

Rocker Ted Nugent, a vocal advocate of the right to bear arms, calls Barack Obama "a clueless, rookie president" and Supreme Court justices who disagree with his stance on gun ownership "losers" and "weasels", in a scathing op-ed in The Washington Times. U.S. officials have not commented on Nugent's article in the right-leaning newspaper, published after a Supreme Court 5-4 ruling on June 28 that extended the Second Amendment to states and cities and ahead of the Fourth of July holiday to celebrate the U.S.'s independence.

Ted Nugent: Obama "Clueless!"

Posted at July 4, 2010 4:29 AM