July 21, 2010

Utah Listgate

A scandalous incident in Utah, as a list of people suspected of being illegal immigrants was leaked out and made public, unfairly exposing over 1,000 people to suspicion even though it hasn't been proven they did anything wrong.

The list was sent anonymously to media outlets, and showed 1,300 names and personal information along with the accusation that they are undocumented and living here under illegal immigration status.

Said one critic of this action, "You replace 'Mexican,' you replace 'illegal alien' ... with 'Jew,' and use that same kind of language - that was spread throughout Nazi hit lists in Germany."

The people on that list will hopefully get lawyers and attorners and file a lawsuit, as this unfair treatment could even be a criminal act, punishable by a fin e or maybe even jail time.

Utah Listgate

A 29-page list of 1,300 people accused of being in Utah and the US illegally was mailed anonymously to media outlets and law enforcement agencies last week. It included Latino names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and private health information such as the due dates of babies.Two state employees - identified within the Utah Department of Workforce Services and already placed on administrative leave - could face criminal charges in connection with the list's release. And state Attorney General Mark Shurtleff says his office is still investigating further leaks.

Utah Listgate

Posted at July 21, 2010 8:28 AM