August 4, 2010

Eva Mendes Sex Tape: Funny or Die Video

Eva Mendes is the latest celebrity to blow up the internet with a leaked sex tape. But this one is a little different than the others.

The sex tape from Mendes is a satire that she put together for the Funny or Die website, best known for its classic Will Ferrell videos. Eva Mendes is a former model who has become one of the most popular actresses in America, best known perhaps for her starring role in Hitch, alongside Will Smith.

Says Eva is the video, "I couldn't put it together. I was making my way as an actor and suddenly the internet was demanding I release 'this' household product. In fact, Eva Mendes sex tape was a top Google search before the product even existed,"

Eva Mendes Sex Tape Funny or Die

In a bid to answer all her fans' demands, Eva Mendes has now released her s.ex tape in a new Funny or Die's video. The more-than-one-minute clip first gives a glimpse of the "Ghost Rider" actress kneeling on a bed in her underwear through a night vision camera but turns out, she just tries to connect two power cables back together.

Eva Mendes Sex Tape: The sex tape everyone has been waiting for with Eva Mendes is finally here and you won't believe what kinds of positions she gets into.

Eva Mendes Sex Tape Funny or Die

Posted at August 4, 2010 8:14 AM