September 11, 2010

Mosquito Eating Fish: Mississippi, Haiti

One of the many plagues hitting the victims of the earthquake in Haiti is an epidemic of mosquitoes, who bring all sorts of health problems with them.

So some good samaritans in Mississippi are sending over a special breed of mosquito eating fish to help save the day.

The fish are a type of minnow, who are raised in a fish hatchery in Mississippi and voraciously eat mosquito eggs and larvae. The insects are known to spread malaria among many other health issues, and are also plaguing people in Pakistan. Please don't forget that Pakistan also needs our help, by the way!

Mosquito Eating Fish Mississippi Haiti

Mosquito-eating fish from a north Mississippi fish hatchery will be sent to Haiti as part of the earthquake relief project by Operating Blessing International, a humanitarian organization. The fish, tiny minnows called Gambusia, eat many times their body weight in mosquito eggs and larvae. OBI officials say the minnows were used in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina for mosquito control. The minnows will be moved from Thompson Fish Hatchery in Tchula on Friday to the Yazoo County airport near Yazoo City.

Mosquito Eating Fish Mississippi Haiti

Posted at September 11, 2010 6:01 AM