September 7, 2010

Pot & Chronic Pain Research

Is there new evidence that pot is good for your health? Marijuana as a medicinal herb has long been touted to have many health benefits for reducing stress, helping with glaucoma, helping with chronic pain and nausea, and the side effects of chemotherapy among other medical issues.

And now a new study shows that patients who suffer from chronic pain reported real results from medicinal marijuana compared to others who got a placebo.

Megan Fox, Brad Pitt and Bill Maher are also on the long list of stars who support legalizing the drug, and many of whom use California's medicinal marijuana dispensaries to keep themselves healthy and of sound mind. More or less.

Pot: Chronic Pain Research

Medicinal marijuana is now legal in a handful of U.S. states. But if it was up to many stars, pot - for medicinal purposes and otherwise would be available anywhere, anytime! Light up, medical marijuana enthusiasts. Canadian researchers say that those who suffer from chronic pain may find relief by smoking pot three times a day. They may also sleep better. In a three-month study which followed 23 patients, researchers tested three strengths of marijuana and a placebo to test the effects of the drug on those with chronic pain who had not responded well to traditional medications. They found that those who smoked the strongest cannabis - that with the highest levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, often called THC - experienced the greatest benefit.

Pot: Chronic Pain Research

Posted at September 7, 2010 12:42 PM