October 25, 2010

Company renting drug-sniffing dogs

Do you need a drug sniffing dog? I bet you might think you are out of luck, but no! Drug sniffing dogs will soon be available for renting, thanks to one company that is bringing these talented pooches to the masses.

The dogs are being marketed to certain arguably overbearing and off-kilter parents who think it is appropriate and necessary to use a drug sniffing dog on their own children. And you thought it was bad when they tried to read your diary!

Said the company, the service could be of great use to those who think their children may need treatment for drug addiction, or are trying to stop things from reaching that point: "Bottom line is, parents need to use every resource available to protect their kids from drugs and their home. This is just another new and creative way to attack the problem."

Matt Damon, Celine Dion: Babies!

A new service in Maryland is promising parents peace of mind by allowing them to essentially rent a drug-sniffing dog, a highly trained canine that will come to their house and within seconds, detect even the tiniest whiff of narcotics. The program allows ordinary moms and dads access to a search tool typically reserved for law enforcement - and typically aimed at suspected criminals... Anne Wills, who runs the just-launched, Catonsville-based nonprofit, says parents are clamoring for the service and she expects business to "explode."...

Matt Damon, Celine Dion: Babies!

Posted at October 25, 2010 5:50 AM