October 14, 2010

Joaquin Phoenix Out

After lots of reports that Joaquin PHoenix was signing on to play the partner and alleged lover of J Edgar Hoover, the director Clint Eastwood has stepped up to say this is totally false, and Phoenix has never been attached to the movie.

Clint made a joking reference to the young actor being busy with a rap career, and said it is true that Leonardo DiCaprio is up toplay Hoover himself, but Joaquin is not up for the Clyde Tolson role. For more details see below.

Joaquin Phoenix Out

Director Clint Eastwood on Monday shot down rumors that Joaquin Phoenix might return to acting by portraying J. Edgar Hoover's protege and purported lover in a biopic on the controversial, first FBI director. Eastwood told Reuters that Leonardo DiCaprio was definitely lined up to play Hoover. But Phoenix, who recently revealed his charade to quit acting and become a rap singer, was not in talks to play Clyde Tolson.

Posted at October 14, 2010 6:05 AM