January 10, 2011

Fake Lawyer Tahir Malik, Busted!

A fake lawyer named Tahir Malik has been arrested and charged with impersonating an Attorney, but not after he successfully conned people into letting him work on over 60 cases in court!

According to authorities Malik learned about the legal system through his own troubles with the law and legal advice he got from his on attorneys. "From his own arrest history, he was familiar enough with the court system to make certain motions and file certain documents in the court."

Also according to hid dad Malik watched a lot of court shows on TV. At the Cook County Courthouse his behavior was found to be suspicious, and they looked into what his credentials are to practice law, and it turned out he was not an attorney at all.

Fake Lawyer Tahir Malik, Busted!

Tahir Malik, a 47-year-old man from Skokie, Illinois, "walked around the courtroom like he was a hotshot, strutting around," said one of his clients. He tried more than 60 cases, charging between $500 and $4,500 to his clients. He worked on traffic court cases, mortgage foreclosures, and some low-level criminal cases. One problem: Malik never spent a day in law school. Instead, it appears that he learned his lawyering skills from his own criminal background.

Fake Lawyer Tahir Malik, Busted!

Posted at January 10, 2011 8:10 AM