January 10, 2011

Urban Legends About Celebrities

What are the biggest urban legends about celebrities? There were always lots of urban legends even before the internet, but now that there's so much obsession about celebrities online, urban legends have gone through the roof. Here are some of the most infamous:

1. One of the oldest rumors that persists to this day is the story that Walt Disney had himself cryogenically frozen, so that he could be brought back to live when medical care had improved in the future and they knew how to do this. There is of course no evidence of this, or indication that the technology was available at the time he died, but it sounds cool.

2. Another legend that has been around for decades is that there was once a relationship, or at least a fling, between the two rock superstars Mick Jagger and David Bowie. This story has been spread partly by Bowie's own wife at the time Angela Bowie, but Bowie and the Rolling Stones lead man Jagger still deny it ever happened. And with all the other exploits they admit to, there's no reason for them to deny this urban legend, you'd think.

Urban Legends About Celebrities

We love celebrities. How boring might our own lives become if we couldn't marvel at their exploits both on screen and off? They tell us stories and pretend to be someone they aren't when they work, and in their private lives. There are times when it's hard to know when our interest is being exploited a bit through exaggeration. It's hard to tell fact from fiction with those who make their living blurring that line. With the wild truths the press uncovers on the lives and deaths of figures like Michel Jackson and David Carradine celebrity life seems bizarre enough to fuel even weirder myths.

Urban Legends About Celebrities

Posted at January 10, 2011 7:14 AM