March 20, 2011

Russell Crowe Weight Gain

Russell Crowe is taking his acting to a shocking new level, as he potentially puts his health in danger with an incredible weight gain. The actor has gained an amazing 53 pounds preparing for an upcoming role.

Of course as a celebrity actor he is able to have a personal trainer and nutritionist and other health advice to make sure he does it in a healthy way, but it's still remarkable to see him take it that far. Even for Russell himself!

Said Crowe: "At one point I worried about it from a health point of view because I had my cholesterol checked. It had reached dangerous territory. I was surprised that my body was taking all of it so seriously. I was enjoying myself, because I was eating and drinking what I liked, but my body was objecting. The most frightening thing was having to rock back and forwards to get out of a car. Instead of stepping out, I had to tip myself out."

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RUSSELL CROWE was scared into shape after piling on the pounds for 2008 movie BODY OF LIES - because he gained so much weight, he struggled to even climb out of his car. The Gladiator star's weight has fluctuated over the last 10 years due to yo-yo dieting for different movie roles. Crowe bulked up to play an overweight spy in Body of Lies - and admits he got so fat he got stuck in his own car. The embarrassing accident forced the star to undergo a health check and he discovered his cholesterol levels were dangerously high.

Russell Crowe Weight Gain

Posted at March 20, 2011 7:00 AM