April 6, 2011

Famous Telephone Numbers

Have you ever wondered whether those famous telephone numbers from movies, songs and TV might be real? Well the answers might surprise you!

Most telephone numbers in the media are obviously fake because they start with "555," But there have been many that sounded like they could be real phone numbers. From 867-5309 to 777-9311 pop stars have sung about numbers they longed to call for that girl of their dreams, and lots of other numbers have been thrown out in various movies such as the famous 800 number from Magnolia, to tap into Tom Cruise's self-help motivational programs. Which ones are real, or sued to be? See below for more details.

Famous Telephone Numbers

The Office

800-984-3672 is the phone number featured in the American Office. Give it a ring and you will go through to a fake company called WB Jones Heating and Air Conditioning.


1-877-TAMEHER came up in the infomercial starring Tom Cruise as a sex evangelist.. If you call it today it goes through to Meridians Bodies in Motion health club. At the time of the movie you would have gotten Tom Cruise selling his ficticious course from the movie!

Famous Telephone Numbers

Posted at April 6, 2011 4:20 PM