November 2, 2011

WE ARE READY GAGA! (New Lady Gaga Video)

The hottest trend on twitter this morning is "WE ARE READY GAGA", as Gaga's millions of monsters AKA fans cheer her on to debut her latest single and video, Marry The Night. Lady Gaga continues to be one of the most beloved pop music stars, and her albums and concert tickets fly off the shelves.

"@JDBsMonster: WHO IS READY FOR MARRY THE NIGHT ??? Tweet Me : WE ARE READY GAGA if you Are <3"

"GagaThisWayy Mons†er ♡
WE ARE READY GAGA for the second btw video, 2 fashion films, telephone continuation, GagaVision and the full mariachi version of Americano!"

"YuyiLovingSiren Yuyi Archi
WE ARE READY GAGA is #1 now let's blow it of the Charts (: RT if you are a proud #LittleMonster and your are super excited for everything!!!


"WE ARE READY GAGA" - Marry the Night video


In addition to performing the song live for the first time, she had another treat for her Indian fans, revealing for the first time some new details about her video for "Marry the Night." "Well, I can share exclusively with you that I directed this video myself. So this is my first directorial debut," she told NDTV. Until now, she has co-directed with her Haus of Gaga and her creative director Laurieann Gibson. "But it has been a wonderful experience. I worked alongside director of photography Darius Khondji, who is an absolutely amazing DP, and I worked with Gideon Ponte, who is an incredible art director," she explained. "So I'm looking forward to sharing this autobiographical video with the world. I'm very excited. It's my favorite song on the album."

Posted at November 2, 2011 9:00 AM