Welcome to The Underground Bookstore's special section for Illuminati/New World Order theories.
Have you heard so many Rap artists talking about the "New World Order" and wondered where they got it from? We've collected all the books that they get their theories from and we hooked up with to offer them to you. If you're looking for a book you don't see search for it! Or if you want recommendations on a particular subject write to us and we'll do the research.

Behold A Pale Horse
- by William Cooper
"Behold A Pale Horse is an absolute masterpiece, everyone should read it. For those who doubt and deny the existence of a New World order, this book gives a crushing blow to their denial, and opens up their eyes to the reality, that there is a New World Order."
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The Unseen Hand
- by A. Ralph Epperson
An Introduction To The Conspiratorial View of History. This book, a must read for those who wish to know why major events of the past have occurred, has been called "quite possibly the finest book ever written on this subject." Readers have praised Mr. Epperson's writing style, claiming that it is extremely easy to read for such a controversial and hard to explain subject matter.
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The New World Order
- by A Ralph Epperson
Another classic of this genre, one of the most influential texts for paranoiacs everywhere.
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Note: "I don't endorse any of the paranoia on this page."
- J Smooth (webmaster of our host gave us this note and told us to post it whenever we talk about the New World Order. Then he stepped into a black helicopter and flew away...

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