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December 1, 2006

Bill Gates for President?

Dilbert's Scott Adams kicked off the idea in his November 19th blog post, saying there isn't anything wrong with this country that President Bill Gates couldn't cure in less time than it takes to get a new operating system out the door. Today, the idea is moving forward with a brand-new 'Bill Gates for President' Web site.

I'm not so sure about this. You can't just reboot a failed policy. Then again, how much worse than Bush can he do?

December 13, 2006

Self Parking LEGO Car

Some people have way too much time on their hands. And then there's this guy...

Vote for the Bad Astronomer

If you're visiting this blog, you have time to vote for one the best science blog on the web, the Bad Astronomy Blog.

Vote HERE.

Vote Every Day..

And if you like some of the stuff posted on this blog which is astronomy related, add the Bad Astronomy Blog to your list of blogs to read. Most of the astronomy related stuff I posted about comes from Phil anyway.

Plus, Phil is in the middle of a heated blog war, and if he loses to Pharyngula, this could happen:

December 15, 2006

My apologies to "Black People"

A couple of weeks ago, I made a posting of a Kimbo video and the title I used was copied from the title of the video posted on metacafe.com, which lead Black People to believe it was a new video of the famous street fighter Kimbo.

After doing the research into Kimbo that I should have done before making my posting, I realized the error of my ways and would like to say sorry for getting you all hyped up, Black People.

That being said, I have to disagree with your comments about how his loss to Gannon was only a technical loss. I agree a street fight should be between two street fighers, but Kimbo knew who he was fighting and was trying to make a name for himself. Personally I thought he would have won the fight if he had better conditioning. I would love to see Kimbo train professionally and get some MMA fights going.

But that's just my two cents. For those of you who like me never saw Kimbo fight before, here you go:

Kimbo vs Afro Puff and Big Mac

Kimbo vs Rasta

Kimbo vs Byrd

Kimbo vs Gannon (the controversial fight)

How to chill a can of coke in 2 minutes

Finally some inane yet useful information. I found this posting on makezine.com that explains how to chill a can of coke in 2 minutes:

How long in the freezer does it take to chill a Coke from 89F to 35F?

"That would be about 20-25 minutes in a freezer. If you put it in a bucket of ice, that would halve that time. If you put water in that ice, it'd be cold (+- 5c) enough to drink in about 4-6 minutes, if you put salt in that water, you'd reduce the chill time to just over 2 minutes. Agitating the can in the water, rolling it around, reduces the chill time even more.

The fastest possible way is to grab a CO2 fire extinguisher and unload that sucker on the can."

I'll try the salt in the water trick, but someone let me know if they try the CO2 extinguisher method.

December 19, 2006

A stocking stuffer from agent b

I found this great stocking stuffer over at ohword.com. The very talented agent b has created a cut out diorama out of his Wu-Peanuts strip.

The diorama can be found here.

December 20, 2006

Transformers Trailer (VIDEO)

The new trailer is out...


via Bad Astronomy:

Astronaut Suni Williams drops her camera, only she's not getting this one back...

December 21, 2006

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The BBC is reporting that author JK Rowling has revealed the title of the seventh and final Harry Potter book. It will be called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The publication date however, is still unknown.

December 26, 2006

Santa VS The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Doing my part to spread the word of Pastafarianism (and what better time than during the holiday season), here is a great animation.

Santa VS The Flying Spaghetti Monster - video powered by Metacafe

I can't wait to see how this one plays out.

December 27, 2006


What do you do if you managed to get your hands on a Wii this year? You probably said "play with it". Well that's because you're not as big of a dork as this guy (and I mean that in a nice way):

The RoombaWii

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