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January 9, 2007

Laraque vs Ivanans

It's clips like these that make me want to start watching hockey. Listen towards the end when they replay with sound how the fight started. That's diesel.

January 10, 2007


From the same people who brought you The Ghetto Big Mac, comes BODEGA

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe

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January 13, 2007

Teacher Found Guilty of Endangering Kids Due to Spyware

When I first read about this a few days ago, I never thought she would actually be found guilty, but it seems she has. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Norwich, Conn seventh grade teacher, Julie Amero has been convicted of four counts of risk of injury to a minor after her classroom PC displayed pornographic pop-ups in class. While an expert for the defendant said he had discovered spyware on her PC that had been downloaded from a hairstyling site, the local police investigator claimed that the spyware had been downloaded from actively visiting porn sites. Amero testified that she had told four other teachers and the assistant principal about the popups, but received no assistance. The school's internet filtration software was not working because it's license had expired. Amero faces up to forty years in prison.

The local article can be found here

The register also has a good write up here

January 17, 2007

Home Theater Transformed Into Star Trek Bridge

I'm thinking of just starting a blog called "Way Too Much Time" since these are always my favorite posts.

Anyway, in this edition of "Way Too Much Time", we bring you Gary Reign, who remodeled his home theater as the bridge of a Star Trek starship.

His site can be found here

And here is a link to a mirror since his site is already slashdotted.

Vote for Bodega

I know I already posted this, but this movie is too good. Please do your part and vote bodega 5 stars over at metacafe.

Bodega - video powered by Metacafe

January 24, 2007

Sundance Episode 2: Swag

In case you haven't heard, Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam have been sent to Sundance by the Dailty Reel, and one of the many perks of being sent to Sundance is the Swag

January 25, 2007

Sundance Episode 3 “Celeb Status”

Sundance Episode 3 “Celeb Status” is out. Check it out...

January 26, 2007

Sundance Episode 4: Real Facts

Episode 4 is out and it's a good one. To use Rafi's own words, "and it's minor celebrity packed. also full of me cracking up as we tried to shoot at like 3:30am".

The highlight for me was the cameo by Keith David at the end. I loved his character in Dead Presidents.

January 29, 2007

Sundance Episode 5: Filmmakers & Unicorns

Episode 5 is out. I think this may be there best one yet.

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